Zegul Arrow Nuka GT AC S

505 cm

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Kajakken leveres med senkekjøl. The Nuka GT is relatively short at 5.05 meters but despite its length it has a very effortless glide and great acceleration.

The Nuka GT has a speed optimized hull and soft chine’s, the hull is rounded for less resistance and less wet surface

making the Nuka GT glide effortlessly through the water.

The Nuka GT is a touring version of the popular Nuka model. It has a more practical deck line layout. The rear hatch is
oval making it easier to load the kayak on overnight trips. The GT has less rocker and more raking bow and stern which
increases the waterline when loaded. The GT is still a nimble kayak and it is slightly faster and has better acceleration
than the Nuka. The Nuka GT can easily be fi tted with a rudder for those who prefer to focus on forward momentum rather
than on correcting strokes and edging.

The GT has been very popular since it was introduced in spring 2012. Especially the carbon version weighing around 19
kg is very attractive to those who handles their kayak alone.


Standard accessories:
• Oval rear and front hatch, 20 cm Day hatch, 15 cm knee hatch,24 cm front hatch
• Kajak Sport Click on hatches
• Refl ective shock cords
• Retractable Skeg
• Eva foam on seat and thigh braces
• Smart Track Foot Pedals

• KS Navigator rudder.
• Custom Color options
• Custom bulk head placement

Teknisk info


Produsent Zegul Arrow
Type Havkajakk

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