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Camaro E-Pulsor Ladies Overall Triathlon Competition Wetsuit

Although the Camaro Ladies' E-Pulsor Triathlon Competition Wetsuit is a grade down from Camaro’s Ladies' Pro-Pulsor version, it is still a high-quality competition wetsuit and ideal for triathlon competitors who take their sport seriously.

5 mm of neoprene on the chest improves your bouyancy and body position in the water while thinner 2-mm and 1-mm neoprene on the legs and arms barely restrict your movement so that you can perform to your maximum.

The Camaro E-Pulsor Ladies' Triathlon Wetsuit also features glued stitches and a G-lock zip that is 93.75% waterproof.

The E-Pulsor Wetsuit is compliant with competition regulations.



  • Material: 5/2/1 mm Yamamoto SCS #40
  • Extra-flexible, thin material, comfortable to wear like a seond skin
  • G-lock back zip is 93.75% water resistant
  • Dynamic cut
  • Perfect competition suit
  • Seams glued and blind stitched
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